Emily Andrews
Emily Andrews
aspiring art and design student

Subsequent to its submission, my parkinsons kitchen aid afforded some publicity within local newspapers and was selected to be presented at the powerhouse museum in 2016. For more information on this design check out the page Parkinson's kitchen aid

Certificate for inclusion in 2015 Shape exhibition .jpg

Certificate of inclusion into exhibition

To the left is an image of recognition for my inclusion into the HSC design and technology 'Shape' exhibition held at the powerhouse. The collection aims to showcase a variety of designs that offer solutions to an inherent problem or genuine need. It was an honour to be selected and I enjoyed the process of being interviewed about my creative process and the intent behind my work.

Screen Shot from MAAS website with my design.png

Winner of exhibition 

Not only was I exhibited, but I was lucky enough to receive the award for innovation in design, provided by the powerhouse. There were a multitude of successful designs and it was humbling to accept the award amongst other well researched and crafted works. 

As a result of this acknowledgement, a number of articles were produced. After interviewing me, The Daily Telegraph detailed the intent behind the work, as well as my influences- one of whom was Clyde Campbell, who I worked closely with. Not only was he a sufferer himself, but the CEO of one of Australia's largest organisations for Parkinson's- Shake it up. The Organisation similarly provided scope into my design process and the function of the board with a number of images. An online newsletter, Patient Worthy also included an article about the design. 

The Daily Telegraph

Shake it Foundation

Patient Worthy